Studying at TU/e

Why study at TU/evideo

Studying at TU/e means studying at a Dutch top university.

Studentcity Eindhoven
Study guidance and coaching

The TU/e can help you with studying techniques, dealing with dyslexia, effective study, study skills, and much more.

Study costs, scholarships and grants

The following pages give information on study costs and the possibilities for assistance in funding.

Admission and enrollment

The requirements for admission and application to TU/e programs can be found on these pages.

On campus facilities

There are a lot of on campus facilities at TU/e, for example the library, the notebook, the students sporcenter.

Introduction week
Minors for Delft and Twente students
Practical information for international studentsvideo

The Education and Student Service Center provides a range of services to ensure that you get here, with all the necessary paperwork completed, in time to...