Science without Borders Holland (SwB Holland) – Bachelor Call

The Science without Borders Holland Program, an initiative of the Brazilian government, provides scholarships to students from Brazil for a period of up to one year of study at a Dutch University. This program is only open to Brazilian students.

Scholarships will be given primarily to students in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics, so-called STEM fields. Students in the program will return to Brazil to complete their degrees.

The program is part of the Brazilian government’s larger initiative to grant scholarships and research funds to the best students and scholars from Brazil to enable them to study and work abroad at the world’s best universities.

How to apply

Note November 2013: The new procedure and deadlines for the Science without Borders Bachelor call 2014 are not yet known. As soon as the deadlines are known this webpage will be updated.

The procedure for Brazilian students who would like to spend a sandwich period of one or two semesters at TU/e will probably be as follows:

  1. Brazilian Bachelor students first apply for a SwB Holland scholarship with CNPq, the Brazilian organization that administers the SwB Holland program.
  2. Students with a positive CNPq assessment will probably be able to apply to TU/e between February and April 2014. Only students with a positive CNPq assessment may apply.
  3. SwB Students who want to apply for an exchange program at TU/e need to apply directly to the Erasmus and ECTS coordinator of the TU/e department where they want to study. Please click here to find information about how to apply and the links to the ECTS application form. Please fill in the form and send it to the department of the program you wish to follow. It is important that a copy of this form is also sent to the International Office of the TU/e (
  4. NOTE: Regrettably it is not possible for SwB students to apply for an exchange period at the Department of Industrial Design.
  5. More information on the available exchange programs here.

 Conditions and procedure

  • Being an advanced science and technology research university TU/e may apply different access requirements (i.e. for English proficiency) than CNPq, or than other Dutch institutes of higher learning.
  • In April or May 2014 students will be informed about their acceptance by TU/e. Those who have been accepted will receive an acceptance letter and approved learning agreement from TU/e.
  • The period April – August 2014 will be used for making the necessary logistic and visa arrangements for the scholarship holders who will start their exchange period at the start of the academic year (in September 2014).

PhD and PostDoc exchange
The information above refers to SwB exchange programs for Bachelor's (undergraduates). The SwB program does in fact allocate scholarships at three levels: Bachelor's, PhD and PostDoc level. Information on calls for PhD and PostDoc scholarship holders will be communicated later.

More information: Science without Boarders Holland