Institute for Complex Molecular Systems


'New technologies by mastering complexity'
Mastering complexity requires a deep understanding on how matter – both natural and artificial – self-organizes into functional molecular systems. The Institute for Complex Molecular Systems

TU/e Distinguished Professor Stupp at ICMS
  • 14 July 2014

Professor Samuel I. Stupp will visit ICMS July 15-18 2014. During his stay he will give to lectures. The first lecture is entitled “Supramolecular systems for...

Honors students organized scientific debates
  • 3 July 2014

During the academic year 2013-2014, ICMS offered one of the six tracks in the Honors Acedemy in which excellent bachelor students could participate to further...

Louis Pitet second ICMS Fellow
  • 3 July 2014
Yao Lin NSF CAREER Awardee @ ICMS
  • 3 July 2014

(ICMS) was established in 2008 and brings together mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry and engineering to stimulate research and education at the highest level in this emerging field of science.