About the University

Accessibility TU/e campus

The campus of the Eindhoven University of Technology is situated in the heart of Eindhoven, ten minutes walking distance from Eindhoven railway station. Not only university buildings can be found on the compact green campus, but companies, research institutions and the Student Sports Centre as well. Most buildings are connected via walkways.

Navigation address
Eindhoven University of Technology
De Zaale
5612 AJ Eindhoven

Postal address
Eindhoven University of Technology
P.O. Box 513
5600 MB Eindhoven

By plane

Eindhoven airport is located just five kilometers outside the city, and provides connections with major cities such as London and Paris. There is an airport shuttle between the trainstation and airport. Tickets can be bought at the airport bus stand. Alternatively, bus 401 runs directly from the airport to Eindhoven's main train and bus station in the city center every 10 minutes.
Alternatively, Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam is a 90 minute ride by train, with a direct connection between the airport and Eindhoven central station. From Eindhoven central station it is a five minute walk to the campus.

By train

When you arrive at Eindhoven central station, walk down the ramp at the railway station, turn right and exit through the north side towards the bus station. Walk 25 meters to the right and you will see the university buildings. Cross at the traffic light and follow the winding path towards the TU/e campus.
The path on the right side of the campus, called Prof. Dr. Dorgelo Avenue, is suitable for wheelchair users.

By car

All motorways to and around Eindhoven (A2, A50, A58, A67 and A270) lead the way to the campus. Follow the 'Centrum' directions on the small blue signs, until you see 'University'.

See the directions

Map of the TU/e campus

TU/e campus under construction

TU/e is working on a modern campus to be ready in 2020. Therefore the campus wil be under construction regularly.

See the information about the construction on the campus.

Parking at the TU/e campus

The TU/e handles a new parking policy. To reduce using the car, at the TU/e campus you have to pay to park your car. We stimulate using public transport. The TU/e is situated about 8 minutes walking distance from the station.

See the parking spaces on the map.

See more information about parking on campus grounds.

Cycle parking

Guests who come to the TU/e campus on bike can park their bike in the (indoor) cycle parkings. You can find them by the red bicycle signs on the TU/e-campus.

Wheelchair accessible buildings

The buildings of the TU/e are wheelchair accessible. At the entrances of the buildings are handicapped parking spaces. The buildings are equipped with special toilets.
See more information about wheelchair accessibility.

Special facilities for the hard of hearing

For the hard of hearing a number of lecture and meeting halls have been fitted with ring mains:

  • Auditorium: Blauwe Zaal and Senaatszaal
  • Traverse: Dorgelozaal
  • IPO building: colloquium hall and meeting halls 0.11 and 2.02

Special facilities for the partially sighted

For the partially sighted the Central Library has a TV reading loupe.