As an alumnus of TU/e, you can register in Alumninet. Alumninet is a network specially designed for TU/e alumni.

How to register in Alumninet

Why register in Alumninet?

Alumninet offers a range of options, such as:

  • You can amend your personal and career details and state how these details may be used with regard to preserving your privacy.
  • You have your own personal page where you can share more about yourself, your hobbies and your career.
  • You can save files (such as photos) and later share them with whomever you wish, wherever in the world.
  • You can search fellow students or be found by them (you can grant or refuse permission for this).
  • You can compile your own list of contacts.
  • You can state whether you’d like to receive copies of Matrix, the quarterly magazine.
  • You can register for activities organized by the Alumni Office or by alumni associations.

As a registered alumnus, you also enjoy a range of Alumninet benefits.You can find these in the left menu.


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