About the University

Support Services

Information Expertise Center

The Information Expertise Center (IEC) provides the TU/e university community and others with library and archiving services.

Communications Expertise Centervideo
General Affairs Department

General Affairs (DAZ) comprises the Board secretariat and Board staff along with various entities closely involved in CvB matters.

Financial and Economic Affairs Service

Financial and Economic Affairs (DFEZ) charged with Financial and economic service provision.

Real Estate Management

Real Estate Management (DH) is responsible for the entire real estate development, the park management and the 75 hectare grounds of TU/e Science Park.

Information and Communication Technology Service

ICT is familiar with all aspects of information and communication technology.

Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs (DIZ) offers facilities and advice regarding the primary process of TU/e.

Personnel and Organization

Personnel and Organization (DPO) creates an environment for TU/e staff to perform their best and to develop.

Equipment & Prototype Center

EPC - Equipment & Prototype Center provides technical research support for TU/e, external (research) institutes and industry.

The Education and Student Service Center

The Education and Student Service Center (STU) is an education support service.