Departments of Eindhoven University of Technology

TU/e has nine departments. Here you can find out more about their research and programs.

Biomedical Engineering

Department of Biomedical Engineering: Where engineers improve Healthcare. This department offers education and research in biomedical engineering.

Built Environment

Living, working and recreation: the Department of the Built Environment at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) contributes via its education and... 

Electrical Engineering

The Department of Electrical Engineering has a research and design focus, and offers an excellent academic environment for educating young people.

Industrial Designvideo

At the Department of Industrial Design we design products and services that enable us to make optimal use of our environment and interact with it.

Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences

Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences embraces all the activities needed to get the maximum return on technological developments.

Chemical Engineering and Chemistry

The department aims to generate and to develop technology and scientific knowledge relevant for the long-term needs of society.

Applied Physics

The Department of Applied Physics concentrates on analyzing and explaining natural phenomena as well as developing new technology.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is geared to the design, analysis, improvement and manufacture of new products and processes along with the associated materials.

Mathematics and Computer Science

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science specializes in engineering sciences and technology, and has good contacts with industry.