Master's program Chemical Engineering

Course structure

The Master's program Chemical Engineering has a total duration of two academic years and has a value of 120 credit points (EC), based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The academic year, starting at the end of August or beginning of September and ending in July, is subdivided into two semesters, each accounting for 30 ECTS. These semesters are divided again in two quartiles each. It is possible to enter the Master's program at the beginning of each of the semesters. However, starting at the beginning of the start of the Academic year is preferred.  

The main structure of the Master's program starting in the Academic year 2013-2014 is shown in the following table. The structure of the program is identical for all tracks.

Compulsory Program (track specific)


Elective Program

27 or 12 ECTS

Research Project


Academic Competences


Industrial Work Placement


Graduation Project

38 or 53 ECTS

Elective courses
You have been admitted to the Master's program and one track in particular. In consultation with a professional coach, which can be a (associate) professor of one of the research groups within this track, you will choose a set of elective courses (12 or 27 ECTS, depending on the length of your graduation project), with subjects that link up with your own specific knowledge and interests. You must select a set of elective courses appropriate to your chosen track and in particular the specialization in which you will work on a graduation project.  Besides a sufficient number of elective courses within the chosen track,  you can choose courses from other tracks, from other departments or even from other universities to add to this set of electives.

Industrial internship
The industrial internship of 3 months (20 ECTS) will offer you the opportunity to see how Chemical Engineering works in everyday practice. You will also experience a real-life working environment with different people, different backgrounds, different facilities and sometimes a different organization.
The industrial internship can take place at a research institute or company in or even out of the Netherlands.

Graduation project
During your graduation project, which lasts six or nine months, you will further develop the expertise and skills you have developed during the Master's program. You will demonstrate your ability to carry out a research project independently. This project will be carried out in one of the research laboratories at the Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry. The topic of the graduation project will lie within the field of research of the section concerned under supervision of the responsible professor.


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