Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Computer Science graduate program

We offer 6 Master's degree programs and 1 Designer program within our Computer Science graduate program.

The Master's degree programs and the Designer program are each of 2 years' duration. The designer program is designer-oriented and prepares you for a career as a software designer or architect in the IT industry. 
The four-year PhD program is research-oriented and provides preparation for a career in academia or in an industrial research laboratory.

Master's programs

Business Information Systems

This program provides a solid foundation in the design and analysis of reliable information systems. It also forms valuable... 

Computer Science and Engineering

In the Master's degree program in Computer Science and Engineering, you will learn to design quality software. You will also... 

Embedded Systems

This program places the emphasis on the designing of efficient and reliable embedded systems: a combination of computer science... 

Information Security Technology

The program provides you with a broad overview of the techniques of Information Security Technology, which also covers aspects of... 

EIT Embedded Systems

This international program will provide you with fundamental knowledge and skills in technical subjects. In this program you will... 

EIT Service Design and Engineering

This program provides both technical competency and the enterprise and innovation skills that are necessary for a business to be... 

Designer program

Software Technology

The ST program devotes a lot of attention to the project‑based design and development of software for resource‑constrained,... 

PhD program

Taking a PhD

After your Master's you can choose to take a PhD to get more deeply involved in research.