Master's Program Sustainable Energy Technology

Sustainable Energy in the Built Environment

The built environment is one of the biggest consumers of primary energy worldwide. Conditioning of the indoor environment (ventilation, heating, cooling, and lighting) takes a significant share in this energy use. Within the group ‘Building Physics and Services' the goal is to arrive at energy efficient (even energy producing) buildings and built environment, while at the same time taking into account the health and comfort requirements set by the occupants of that building (or even products or processes).  The research is focused on the integral design of sustainable (low-energy) technology in the built environment. This research area is addressed at three levels:

  • Districtlevel; research questions at this level would, for example, relate to application of sustainable sources and energy flows between buildings.
  • Building level; research questions at this level would address, for example, integration and optimization of building design and low-energy technology.
  • Component level; research questions at this level would, for example, look at component optimization or application of components in the built environment.

Research questions range from high level to detailed and focus on integrated design, building simulation aspects and building systems. There is a preference to perform the research in cooperation with practice. Contacts exist with several parties.

Research groups and topics

The Sustainable Energy in the Built Environment groups are (all in the department Built Environment, research group Building Physics & Services): 

Research groups and topics

Research topic


Building Materials

prof.dr.ir. H Brouwers

Building Performance Simulation

prof.dr.ir. J Hensen

Building Services

prof.ir. W Zeiler

Building Sustainability

prof.ir. E.S.M. Nelissen

Smart Lighting

prof.dr.ir. E.J. van Loenen

Urban Environment Modeling

dr.ir. B Blocken


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