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Plasma and Materials Processing (P&MP)


    Welcome to the group Plasma & Materials Processing (P&MP), which is led by Prof.dr.ir. Erwin Kessels together with the staff members Dr. Richard Engeln, Dr. Adriana  Creatore, Dr. Ageeth Bol, and the part-time staff members Prof.dr.ir. Richard van de Sanden, Prof.dr. Fred Roozeboom, Prof.dr. Ruud Schropp, Prof.dr.ir. Daniel Schram (emeritus) and Dr. Marcel Verheijen.

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    Group Plasma & Materials Processing
    Dept. of Applied Physics
    Eindhoven University of Technology
    P.O. Box 513
    5600 MB Eindhoven
    The Netherlands
    Phone (secretary): +31 40 247 4880


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