Assistant/Associate professor

A career as assistant or associate professor at TU/e

The first tenure as a member of the academic staff at TU/e is a position as assistant professor (UD). The TU/e wants to attract and develop talent with international experience. We achieve that by offering a clear perspective to young, talented scientists. That's why the TU/e selects professors in a so-called Tenure Track. This is a development route in which the young scientist is encouraged to develop into a (associate) professor (UHD) . 


Tenure Tracks

The TU/e offers two tenure tracks: the UD-Tenure Track and UHD-Tenure Track. 
Basically, the premise of the Tenure Track is that every university lecturer 'grows' to (associate) professor. With this, the TU/e makes a distinction between senior and junior scientists.

If you have several years of experience as a postdoc or assistant professor, and we expect you to have the knowledge and skills to become an associate professor within six years, you can be recruited to a UHD-Tenure Track. You will receive a six-year contract, including two evaluation periods. If you meet the criteria, you are appointed an associate professor after six years.

Often, though, young talent with less experience apply. In this case, we appoint the staff member to an UD-Tenure Track. You will develop into an assistant professor, with the potential and ambition to be an associate professor. If you meet the criteria, you will receive a permanent position as assistant professor after four years. With the help of a development plan, you will continue on course to becoming an associate professor with the UHD-Tenure Track.

In both tracks, you can count on support in your personal development. At the basis of it all is a personal development plan. This is customized, adapted to your personal situation, needs and skills. In addition, you can count on support, for example in the form of didactic training and a course for university lecturers where skills and competencies are important. A mentoring program and coaching also belong to the possibilities.


Very successful university associate professors can take the step to a professors' position, at the TU/e or another university.