PhD and postdoc

Obtaining your PhD at the TU/e

After your (technological) Master, you can start your research for your PhD at the TU/e. The PhD route will take four years and end with a thesis and a doctoral degree. After your promotion, you can choose a job in industry or in science. 

Scientific growth
Your promotion is a period of scientific growth. In four years, you will develop yourself into an independent researcher. Under the guidance of a professor you will perform a survey, which you complete with a thesis. You will write scientific presentations, give presentations at conferences and seminars to scientists in your field, and perform teaching duties.

In addition, the TU/e feels it's important to invest in personal growth, such as the development of your social and communication skills. We offer several opportunities for personal development with the PROOF program (PROviding Opportunities For PhD students). This program consists of various courses and trainings, providing a good addition to your scientific knowledge.

Personal development
The basis for your personal development is a personal development plan, which is prepared by you and your supervisor. Based on this agreement, you will choose the trainings and courses that fit your personal development best.

A PhD at the TU/e provides a solid foundation from which your scientific knowledge and experience (internationally) can expand.

Are you curious at which projects the TU/e is currently looking for PhD students? Take a look at the vacancy list.


After a PhD program, most scientists choose a postdoctoral period, often in another country or at another university. This period covers several years. The scientist broadens and deepens his research skills and research area. The TU/e also offers (international) postdoctoral graduate students the opportunity to increase their research experience.

Are you curious at which projects the TU/e is currently looking for postdocs? Take a look at the vacancy list.