TU/e is the place for innovation

Drs. Ingrid van Uden, employee

Communication employee Communication Expertise Center

"A few months before I started working at the TU/e, I heard many positive stories through a former colleague. It seemed a challenging environment to work. An organization where much happens and you get opportunities to develop yourself. Then, a vacancy within the Communication Expertise Centre came along, and I immediately responded. Now I work at the CEC as a communications officer: 50% of the time for the Department of Mathematics & Computer Science, and 50% for the central press and media team."

"Although I recently started working at the TU/e, a lot of things I expected beforehand have already been confirmed. Both the environment and the work are very diverse. Every day is different: I meet other people all the time. Sometimes I sit in a meeting with marketing people, the other time with scientists or the students I work with. The atmosphere at the faculty and the CEC is different from each other. At W&I, I'm really in the middle of the campus, right in between the students, and close the education and science. The Communication Expertise Centre resembles an internal communications agency, with a lot of marketing and communications colleagues to exchange knowledge with. With my 'dual-function' I hear and see much. I try to use it all, so I can create maximum synergy for the faculty and the university."

"My expertise is mainly in news distribution, press and media, both for the TU/e and the faculty. I'm still primarily concerned with understanding the ins and outs. The TU/e is a complex organization! Curiosity and interest in what the organization is doing is important to me. But it's also essential in my profession. It's a part of my value as a communications professional. For me, it's a huge challenge to put the TU/e and the faculty even more on the map than they are right now. In order to do that, I have to get the right information to the right people. At the TU/e, people are often only concerned with the substance, where you risk losing contact with the outside world. It is important to show what happens at the TU/e, and what society can benefit from them. "

Small Town
"The atmosphere on campus is important to me. It's a small town where a certain creative and innovative atmosphere looms over. Within the TU/e, people expect that you take your own responsibility. I find that very pleasant. You get a lot of space to guide your own work. I also think the TU/e is a 'warm' employer. The relationship between "giving" and "taking" is beautifully balanced. Much is expected of you, but there are also many opportunities to develop yourself and do what suits you best."