It begins with ambition

Msc. Wouter Roemaat, employee

Sophomore technological designer Architectural Design Management Systems (ADMS)

"It begins with ambition. That goes for my own career, but also in general, within a building process. From the very first phase, there are several parties involved in such a project. They sit at the table with their own desires, visions and interests. My challenge is to get those parties to cooperate at an early stage in order to achieve a common result.

During my Bachelor of Architecture at the TU/e, I chose architecture as a specialization. Even back then, I already had a wider interest than just designing buildings. I was mainly interested in the realization of 'the idea': how can you make a design so that people believe in it? This process begins before you begin start designing. By listening to different opinions, and using them in your design, you'll create value for the project. That's my personal motive, and where my passion for the subject comes from: I want to bring different ambitions together."

Logical choice
"After my graduation, it was a logical choice to go to work as a design engineer in training (PD Trainee Eng) in ADMS. This training places architecture - one of the elements in the building trade - in a broader perspective. I put my knowledge into practice at the Government Architect Studio. Together with my fellow trainee, I designed the route of integrated Public-Private Partnerships, so that the architectural quality is maintained in the route of initiation to exploitation.

For housing corporation Trudo, I worked on a project for the exploitation of the old Philips terrain at Strijp S. The challenge was to achieve the operation of a collection of buildings where basically everything is possible: to live, work, and have fun. I occupied myself with the question of how the process should be organized in order to ensure that the operational phase maximizes the flexibility. The last year of training, you are always fully employed in the industry. My project will be about the field of city branding. I want to be both business and creative, and thus create added value in the development of an area. "

Breaking Patterns
"The main thing about PDEng trainees is that you're open minded, and dare to think out of the box. Both the matter and the context require flexibility in thinking. You must be able to empathize with the interests of different parties and change perspective every time. Another important feature is a critical attitude. Dare to question things that are considered standard. Why are things the way they are? In addition, creativity is required: you must dare to break existing patterns and devise new options and proposals. Finally, ambition and discipline are essential: you must know where you want to end up, and be able to work in an area where you will be judged on results."