I already think like an experienced Design Engineer

Msc. Anne Nkengafeh Fomin, employee

2nd year technology designer in training at Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

"Two years of post-masters studies have really given me a lot. I've grown in my subject field, know what I want to do, I am confident in my abilities and know my weaknesses and strengths. During my PDEng traineeship I have learned to think like an experienced Design Engineer. And that has given my career a boost."

"When I was completing my Master's in Delft, I was not sure about what I wanted to do. Get a PhD? Or head for a job in industry? And if I was going to choose a career in industry, was I indeed ready for that? "

Tangible end result
"I was doing a Master's at Delft University of Technology when I heard about the possibility to do a PDEng traineeship in Eindhoven where the training in all kinds of areas is pretty intensive on your way to becoming a technology designer. Both intrinsically and in terms of personal skills. You also work on a project for a year. Ideally you are seconded to industry but you may end up in a project group within the university itself. Like the project in which I was involved for the Electronic System Group at the Electrical Engineering department. For such projects, too, you work towards a tangible end result, which is in contrast to PhD research whose results are not certain beforehand. "

"When I looked into the option of following a PDEng traineeship, I became more and more enthusiastic. Although I doubted whether I would comply with the admission requirements, I decide to push ahead and apply anyway. And I was accepted!"

 Not too afraid
"I can imagine that the barrier graduates face when applying from abroad is even greater. The admission requirements are really tough and don't always correspond with education in other countries. I am from Cameroon myself but had already been living in the Netherlands for two years doing my Master's. Still, I would advise graduates who apply from abroad not to be discouraged by the admission requirements. Any knowledge deficit can be compensated before or during the PDEng traineeship."

"The possibility of doing a PDEng traineeship in the Netherlands is relatively unknown both abroad and in the Netherlands itself. That's a shame because it really does boost your future prospects. And the Netherlands is a really nice country in which to live. It is safe, the people are sensible and speak good English. What's more, many leading scientists in my field come from the Netherlands; the research here is top notch."

Own initiative
"A successful traineeship requires you to take initiative yourself. You have regular consultations with your supervisor but he won't lead you by the hand. Personally, I consider this good preparation for the next stage of my career: learning to work independently. "

"I will probably take my next career step in Canada where I want to find a PhD project that fits in with the stuff I have been doing in my PDEng traineeship. If I do a PhD, I am keen for it to involve a project that has strong links with industry. The other option is to teach or work at a company where I can use my knowledge in ICT Design." 

"In brief, I can recommend a PDEng traineeship to everyone. The fact that you are still studying makes for a secure environment. They won't be expecting miracles from you. But your supervisor will expect to see results in the shape of personal and professional development."