01. What does the Study Choice Check entail?

For students who reside outside the Netherlands and who do not have a Dutch qualifying diploma (VWO, HBO Bachelor), this entails:

•   An online questionnaire (approx. 15 min).

•   Receiving advice on your program choice, based on your answers. In this report, we will tell you our assessment of your motivation and how certain you seem of your choice of program. The report also mentions the skills you may need to develop, in which the program can support you.

•   An interview with a representative of the program (e.g., via phone or Skype) to discuss this advice.

For prospective students who live in the Netherlands, each program organizes an in-person Study Choice Check day, with activities such as a lecture and an assignment, the opportunity to meet fellow students, and the interview. Whether online or in person, this program check helps you to reflect on how well the program is a match for you.

The Study Choice Check is mandatory for students wishing to enroll in a program that does not have a selection procedure.