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Applied Physics is like a voyage of discovery. You won’t be sailing the seven seas, but you will be investigating how the world works. As an applied physicist, you’re looking for regularities and patterns in nature, and how to translate natural phenomena into technological applications. Did you know that turbulent flow in our blood is very similar to turbulent flow in the ocean? 

Do you enjoy the scientific subjects in school and are you curious about the world and how it works? Do you persevere when you don’t understand things immediately? Then our Applied Physics major will suit you well.

Taking a peek into the control room of nature

In the Applied Physics major, you will get a backstage view of nature. You will meet the unexpected characteristics of light and sound, flow and heat, atoms and particles, and delve into questions such as: how do you measure brain signals? How do you apply laser technology? What can you do with magnetism?

We will teach you the skills and knowledge you need to be a successful applied physicist. You will also develop your analytical skills and adopt a critical and solution-focused way of working. 

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Major Applied Physics

In Eindhoven, the development of new technologies is the main focus. Therefore, it is only fitting that the Applied Physics major emphasizes the use and application of acquired knowledge.

This major distinguishes itself through excellent mentoring and a well-balanced course program with a research internship in the third year. Our teachers are fully involved in the engineering world as business people and scientists. You will benefit from our ties with industry and research departments, our informal atmosphere and our short lines of communications. After graduation, you will be awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Physics.

Combined bachelor program

Looking for an extra challenge? Or can't you choose between the bachelor's programs Applied Mathematics and Applied Physics? Then you can choose to follow a combined program at the TU/e. The following combination is possible:

  •     Double bachelor program Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics

In a combined program, the most important subjects of Applied Mathematics and Applied Physics are retained. There is a considerable overlap between the programs. You can therefore obtain 2 diplomas with extra credits (about 25% heavier program).

If you opt for a combined bachelor you have to apply for both studies in Studielink!

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Study association J.D. van der Waals

The study association represent the interests of the students at the faculty of Applied Physics. It tries to let the students view their field of study from a different angle. It achieves this by means of excursions, lectures and symposia and by organizing a study trip. On the other hand, the association also organises sports tournaments, parties, a weekly drink, weekends and other forms of leisure activities to stimulate the relation between the members themselves.


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