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As technical physicist, you can be considered a type of explorer. You might not be sailing the seven seas, but you do explore how the world works. You look for patterns and seek the laws of nature and translate natural phenomena into technological applications. For example, did you know that turbulent flow in our blood is very similar to the turbulent flows in the ocean?

Take a look behind the scenes of the world around us

The Bachelor program Applied Physics takes you behind the scenes of the world around us. You discover unexpected properties of light and sound, flow and heat, and atoms and particles. You try to find an answer to questions such as:

  • What can you do with magnetism?
  • How does lightning occur?
  • How do you apply laser technology?

We teach you the knowledge and skills necessary to become a successful applied physicist. In the program, you develop your analytical abilities and become comfortable with adopting a critical and solution-oriented way of thinking.

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Bachelor program APPLIED PHYSICS

In Eindhoven, developing new technologies is key. The major Applied Physics teaches you how to apply the knowledge you gained.

This bachelor program distinguishes itself with excellent study guidance and a balanced program, including a research internship in the third year. The teachers are well-grounded in the field. Some also have a corporate job, others conduct scientific research. As a student, you benefit from the contact with the business sector and the research departments, both during your studies and afterward. The informal atmosphere and high accessibility ensure that you feel at home at our department.

After graduating you obtain the degree Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics. Do you want to know more about this study program? Check out the Degree structure for more information.

Combined Bachelor's program

Are you looking for an extra challenge? Or do you find it hard to choose between the Bachelor's programs of Applied Mathematics, Chemical Engineering and Chemistry and Applied Physics? At TU/e you can also follow a combined program. The following combinations are available:

  • Double Bachelor's program Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics
  • Double Bachelor's program Applied Physics and Chemical Engineering and Chemistry

In a combined program, the most important subjects of each bachelor program are retained. There is quite an overlap between the programs. You can therefore obtain two degrees with additional credits. The program is approximately 25% more demanding.

ATTENTION: If you opt for a combined bachelor's program, you have to apply for both programs in Studielink!

Who are you?

Do you enjoy the scientific subjects in school? Are you curious of the world around you and how it works? Are you persistent and never give up, even when you can't see the bigger picture immediately? If so, our bachelor program Applied Physics will suit you well.

You have successfully attained your pre-university certificate, including mathematics B, physics and chemistry. In order to successfully complete the program of Applied Physics, you are smart and able to work hard. Before you can apply for this Bachelor's program, you first need to complete the study choice check. For more information, please consult the Study Choice Check.

What do you want to be?

After obtaining your bachelor's degree, most students pursue a master's degree. You can also start your career at many different employers after your Bachelor's in Applied Physics. Ranging from a high-tech chip manufacturer to a research institution and from oil producer to a copy machine manufacturer. For more information, go to the page After graduation.

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Study association J.D. van der Waals

The study association J.D. van der Waals promotes the interests of the students in the Applied Physics department. The goal is to show students a different perspective on their field of study through, for instance, excursions, lectures, symposia and a field trip. At the same time, the study association is there to strengthen the bond between the members. They organize weekly drinks, sports tournaments, parties and field trips.

For more information, go to the website of the study association J.D. van der Waals.

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