Degree structure

The Bachelor's program of Applied Physics is part of the TU/e Bachelor College.

The program consists of:
•    Core courses on Applied-Physics theory and skills
•    Electives for designing an individual part of the study program
•    Impact of Technology courses for societal awareness 
•    A capstone project to conclude your bachelor’s program 
•    Professional & personal development, integrated in all courses and projects.

Applied Physics and Mathematics core courses will develop your theoretical understanding for becoming a physicist, being able to translate knowledge into technological applications. Apart from theory, a variety of skills in the field of experiments, experimental design, data handling, automation and computational physics are embedded in the program. This is carefully integrated with developing your unique professional and personal skills as an Applied Physics graduate. 


The Applied Physics theory, skills and Impact of Technology courses amount to 75% of the entire Applied Physics program. The remaining 25% is for the Elective courses, where you can make individual choices for further deepening your skills and knowledge in physics or to broaden towards other disciplines at TU/e. The electives allow you to align your study program with your own personal interests, by picking particular themes within the program and to e.g. prepare for a specific follow-up master program.

More information on the curriculum of the Bachelor’s program of Applied Physics can be found in the Education Guide.

The Education guide is a document used by current students as a source of information. It contains detailed, practical information that is important during the entire program. Currently the Education Guide needs an update for the new Bachelor College program. 

Challenge based learning

In many of the courses at Applied Physics, not only basic lectures and smaller-scale interactive instructions are given, but it is often integrated with Challenge-Based Learning (CBL). In CBL, students work together in a team on an exciting technological or societal challenge within Applied Physics or with students from all over TU/e. 

Final Bachelor's Project

Theory and skills come together in the Bachelor’s End Project (BEP), where you are entering one of the research groups as a junior Applied Physicist. Within a team of researchers, you’ll tackle an exciting challenge in physics and applications, and you present the results of your work and report during a scientific presentation. 

More information about the Bachelor Final Project can be found in the education guide*