Degree structure

During the Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences program you build your knowledge through lectures, explaining the theory. During guided self-study you practice the theory by doing exercises. You apply the knowledge through Challenge-Based Learning (CBL) projects. Together with your fellow students, you work as a team to solve complex, challenging cases. For example: imagine a world with 50 billion people. All these people need to be fed and housed. This requires a flawless infrastructure, sustainable buildings and a different urban design. Solving this case requires various disciplines to collaborate intensively and align their plans and processes. You learn how to do this with Challenge-Based Learning.

What makes the bachelor’s program Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences at TU/e unique, is that you are able to choose your own specialization electives right from the start. This allows you to create your own academic pathway based on your wishes.

First year

In the first year, you take a number of basic subjects to develop your basic understanding and lay the foundation for your development as an engineer. You will soon find out that this program requires you to be on the ball; the tempo in this program is high and it includes many deadlines. This is often a significant change from high school and requires commitment, discipline and good planning abilities. Don't let this scare you off however, we offer the necessary support.

Second year

In the second year, you specialize in structural engineering disciplines. You learn to work in teams, and how to effectively communicate with people in your team from different disciplines to achieve an optimal result.

Third year

The third year is mostly about your final project – an extension of the projects in the domains of structural design, construction and process. It is an opportunity to show that you are able to conduct independent research in structural design in a methodological way, and then show that you can develop and present a design using your own insights. More information on the Bachelor's Final Project can be found in the Educationguide.

Do you want to know more about the bachelor's program Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences? Check out the Educationguide.

Please note: The Education Guide is a document that is used as a source of information by current TU/e students, containing detailled, practical information that is important during the course.