Bachelor Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences

Selection procedure

Why selection?

TU/e is known for our small-scale, personal approach. To maintain this approach and the high quality of our programs, we need to ensure that the right students enroll in our most popular bachelor’s degree programs. For this reason, we appeal to you as a prospective student to give your choice of program a lot of thought. In addition, if there are more applications than we can accommodate, we will select those students who best match our selection profile.

Selection for 2020-2021 enrollment

A selection procedure is in place for the Bachelor program Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences. The provisional number of students that can enroll in this program in the academic year 2020-2021 is 325 (definitive numbers announced no later than 30 November). This is a high limit! So do not get discouraged. Give the selection procedure your best shot.

Selection procedure

The selection procedure has the following criteria:

  •  Your average vwo-5 final exam grades, or equivalent for students with a previous education outside the Netherlands (GPA year before graduation) (2/3)
    • Register before 15 January 2020.
    • The deadline to upload your documents is 31 January 2020.
  •  Your score on the cognitive test (1/3)
    • This test will take place on our selection day on 21 March 2020. Put this important date in your calendar!
      This is applicable for candidates with a Dutch diploma. For (international) candidates with a foreign diploma there is an online selection day. 
    • Do you want to prepare yourself? You can do this via this link. The test will be monitored online to check that the test is completed under the appropriate conditions. More information can be found here.
  • Filling in the online skills and motivation questionnaire
    You will also receive a link for this questionnaire.The deadline for completing the questionnaire is 24 February 2020.
  • Your participation in all activities of the selection day
    • On 21 March 2020 there is a selection day at the TU/e campus. Participation is mandatory and is part of the selection procedure. For (international) candidates with a foreign diploma there is an online selection day. If you have very serious reasons for not being able to attend this day, you can submit a request via

Make sure that you meet these criteria, for instance by sending in the required documents in time. Otherwise, you may run the risk of being excluded from enrollment, which would be a pity. In case of an equal ranking based on the selection criteria, the average vwo-5 final exam grade is decisive for your place on the ranking.

For detailled information, please check the selection regulations below.

Selection day 21 March 2020

If you want to start the AUBS program in September 2020, you are required to take part in the selection day.

NB: Keep an eye on your email spam inbox. Always use the email address that you have used to register in Studielink. You will receive several emails about the selection procedure. For Dutch citizens: you can sign in to Studielink by means of DigiD. If you do not have a DigiD yet, make sure you request one at least a month before the official application deadline.

See how others experienced selection

After the selection

If you receive a ranking number of 325 or lower, you are directly granted admission to the AUBS bachelor’s degree program. Confirm your enrollment within two weeks by completing your registration in Studielink. If you do not to this, your place will go to the next person on the ranking list. If you received a ranking number higher than the maximum number, this means that within the next few weeks, you may still be offered a spot. Keep an eye on Studielink and your email.

Students with a previous education outside the Netherlands should submit a complete application via Studielink and Osiris portal before 15 January 2020, and send the required hard copy documents via post to be received by TU/e no later than 15 January 2020.

More questions?

If you have general questions about selection? Please contact us at
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