Course structure

In the Bachelor College you follow a three-year bachelor program, half of which is devoted to your Automotive major. The first year includes basic subjects like mathematics, physics and modeling. You can also choose a number of elective subjects and so shape your study right from the beginning. Of course, you also follow non-engineering subjects because engineers are concerned with more than engineering alone.

Program components

  • Major (90 credits)
  • Basic subjects (30 credits) 
    • Followed by all TU/e students and include mathematics, physics, design and modeling 
  • Elective subjects (45 credits) 
    • Free choice of engineering subjects (within certain limitations and in consultation with your supervisor)
    • Elective subjects are spread throughout the entire program of Bachelor studies
  • User, Society & Enterprise (USE, 15 credits)
    • Basic introduction to USE
    • Non-engineering electives such as entrepreneurship, ethics and sustainability. There is also an introductory basic subject USE.

All subjects in the Bachelor College are worth 5 credits each.