After graduation

There is a continuous demand for engineers, both in the Netherlands and abroad. During the Bachelor's program of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry you develop the necessary broad foundation. Almost all students choose to pursue a master's program after their bachelor's program, either at the TU/e or at another university. This is a smart move, because you drastically increase the chances of a versatile career. Chemical engineers are employed by the government, engineering firms, the food industry, research institutions and the education sector.

Subsequent master's programs

There are many options for students to pursue a master's degree. You can, for instance, choose one of the master's programs or tracks at the TU/e:

  • Chemical Engineering
    • Track Molecular Systems and Materials Chemistry
    • Track Chemical and Process Technology
  • Science Education and Communication
  • Sustainable Energy Technology

Depending on your electives, you can pursue another master's program within the TU/e. You can also go to other (technical) universities that offer chemistry-related master's programs, either in the Netherlands or abroad. For more information about access to other master's programs, either at TU/e or elsewhere in the Netherlands, please visit

After obtaining your master's degree, you can start your career in business, at the government, at a design firm or patent office, for instance. We see our graduates become researchers or research leaders at a research lab or the university, product or process engineers in a factory, environmental consultants, policy officers, lecturers or entrepreneurs. In fact, many managers in the chemical industry also have a background in chemical engineering. Have a look at where our alumni are currently working. 

Tracks of the Master Chemical Engineering

After the Chemical Engineering and Chemistry Bachelor's program you can continue to Master's program at TU/e or another university. 

Stories of our alumni

"My dream is working on production safety internationally."

Eveline Hermans
Improvement engineer at Dow Chemicals in Terneuzen

At Dow they convert raw materials into different kind of plastics and specialty chemicals. Eveline studied Chemical Engineering and Chemistry and did a masters Process Engineering. See what her day to day life at Dow looks like.

"My dream is to solve all problems in recycling"

Jan Kolijn
CTO and founder at Tusti

Tusti removes grease form plastic and recycles it. He started Tusti whilst studying Chemical Engineering and Chemistry at TU/e. Tusti developed the chemicals that cleans the plastic best. See what Jan’s work entails.

"It’s a great job because it combines chemistry and technology, and experimental research and practical applications" Mark van den Brink, alumnus

"My industrial internship in the USA was a real top experience for me: I had a fantastic time, and discovered the specialized field I like best - polymer chemistry. I gained my PhD in that subject in 2000, and now I’m still working in this field.

I’m manager for Process & Analytical Support at BASF in Heerenveen. It’s a great job because it combines chemistry and technology, and experimental research and practical applications. I’m still as happy as a child if I can think up a smart solution to something. Although I don’t do that alone; it’s the teamwork that makes it such fun. Making good and useful products together, that’s something I really like doing. And talking about teamwork: I met most of my friends at TU/e. That’s another important side of studying, as far as I’m concerned.”