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The world runs on software nowadays, but sometimes it runs in the wrong direction. Just imagine what could happen if level crossing barriers failed to close in good time, or if the power failed as a result of a software fault. Why do so many automation projects fail? Why are large software systems so complicated to design and maintain? Why are some apps an instant success while others fail? What is needed for new web services to emerge?

Designing software systems

As a student of Computer Science and Engineering you learn the basic principles and methods to develop software systems and web services, and how to take the user perspective into account. You will be able to scientifically reason about the correctness and efficiency of programs, using formal mathematical methods. You will know how to further develop the technology and software that underpins the internet. In addition to expanding your knowledge and skills, you will also learn how to apply these to solve specific problems.

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Major Computer Science and Engineering

After completing this major, you will receive the degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering.
This degree ensures that graduates satisfy the profile as specified in the learning outcomes of the program.

Combined Bachelor

Looking for an extra challenge? Or can't you choose between the bachelor's programs Applied Mathematics and Computer Science and Engineering? Then you can choose to follow a combined program at the TU/e. The following combination is possible:

  •     Double bachelor program Computer Science and Applied Mathematics

In a combined program, the most important subjects of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science and Engineering are retained. There is a considerable overlap between the programs. You can therefore obtain 2 diplomas with extra credits (about 25% more studyload).

If you choose a combined bachelor you have to apply for both programs in Studielink!

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Study association GEWIS

The study association represent the interests of the students at the department of Mathematics & Computer Science. It tries to let the students view their field of study from a different angle. It achieves this by means of excursions, lectures and symposia and by organizing a study trip. On the other hand, the association also organises sports tournaments, parties, a weekly drink, weekends and other forms of leisure activities to stimulate the relation between the members themselves.


The independent judgment by the NVAO strengthens higher education institutions in their quality culture. On the basis of the judgments of NVAO higher education programmes are recognized and students receive a legally recognized degree. In the Netherlands, NVAO assesses the internal quality assurance pursued by universities and the quality of the programmes they provide.