Course structure

The Computer Science and Engineering major is composed of a number of learning trajectories. Each trajectory includes a number of related courses covering a specific domain.  

Theory and Algorithms 

  • Logic and set theory  
  • Data structures 
  • Discrete structures 
  • Automata, language theory and complexity 
  • Algorithms 
  • DBL Algorithms (elective within the major) 

Software development 

  • Programming 
  • Programming methods 
  • Software specification  
  • DBL Software engineering (final project) 

System architecture and networks 

  • Computer systems 
  • Computer networks and security 
  • Operating systems  
  • DBL Embedded systems (elective within the major) 

Information systems 

  • Data modeling and databases 
  • Process modeling and simulation
  • DBL Process mining (elective within the major)

Web technology 

  • DBL Web technology and human-technology interaction 
  • DBL App development (elective within the major) 

Data mining and machine learning 

  • Probability and statistics
  • Data mining and machine learning 

Projects form an integral part of your study, and the time you spend on projects increases as the course progresses. In the first year you will develop a user-friendly web portal. In the second year you can choose one of four projects, developing: 

  • An embedded system 
  • A brand-new app 
  • An information system 
  • A new efficient algorithm for a specific problem 

For your third-year final project, you will develop a software system (or improve an existing one) at the request of a company.