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Data science is a new engineering discipline and the main driver for innovation in the coming years. Just as computer science emerged as a new discipline from mathematics when computers became available, data science is a new discipline driven by the torrents of data available today. Data scientists will be the engineers of the future and scientific research and innovations will all be data driven. 

Data is collected about anything at any time, at any place. The ultimate goal is not to collect more data but to turn it into real value. Data can answer questions that have never been asked. And data visualizations are helping us see remarkable patterns that were never noticed before.

A joint program

Data Science is a joint bachelor of Tilburg University and Eindhoven University of Technology. This means you will have lectures in both Eindhoven and Tilburg. You will be taught by experts in this field – both Data Science Centers provide big data experts who will share their knowledge. 

In this program, you will learn to analyze the large amounts of data that today's society operates on. You will learn to spot trends for businesses, government agencies or non-profit organizations. You will also focus on societal issues relating to data science including legal, social, ethical, business, and entrepreneurial issues. Courses cover various topics such as statistics, programming, data mining, business analytics, law and the ethics of data science.

Within the program you have to travel between the two universities. Please bear in mind that the students have to cover the travel costs themselves (about 1200€ p. year).


Why Data Science?

Data Science is a new discipline driven by the torrents of data available today. Eindhoven University of Technology and Tilburg University have a joint bachelor Data Science. Why should you enroll for this program?

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Data Science program

You will be among the first data science graduates in an educational program that is especially designed for data science. The Data Science program has a strong international focus. We offer a small scale, interdisciplinary program on an internationally hot topic. 

After completing your degree, you will receive the title Bachelor of Science (BSc).

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The study association represent the interests of Data Science students of TU/e, Tilburg University and Jheronimus Academy of Data Science in Den Bosch. It tries to let the students view their field of study from a different angle. It achieves this by means of excursions, lectures and symposia and by organizing a study trip. On the other hand, the association also organises sports tournaments, parties, a weekly drink, weekends and other forms of leisure activities to stimulate the relation between the members themselves.

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