After graduation

There is a constant demand for technical engineers both in the Netherlands and beyond, partly due to the increasing application of technology in everyday life. Most graduates choose to pursue a master's degree after graduating.

After your bachelor's program, you can continue studying. The master's programs that best align with this degree are:

And tracks:

You can also choose other master's programs at TU/e

You can also pursue your master's degree at another university, either in the Netherlands or abroad.

After graduating and obtaining your degree in Electrical Engineering, you have great career opportunities. To give you an idea, some of our alumni ended up as:

  • Top researcher at high-tech companies, such as Philips Research
  • Professor at a department in the Netherlands or abroad
  • Business owner of an internationally operating company
  • Technical adviser
  • Technical designer
  • Consultant
  • Teacher

Check out where our alumni ended up after graduating on LinkedIn.