Why Industrial Design in Eindhoven?

Unique Industrial Design program at TU/e

What makes this program unique? 


  • Special focus

    Focus on intelligent systems, products and services

  • Future-oriented education

    Competence oriented and self-directed educational model

  • Projects in squads

    Collaborating on projects in a social context

  • The city and region Eindhoven

    A real design city, with the Design Academy, Dutch Design Week

These are the most noteworthy characteristics of the bachelor's program Industrial Design at TU Eindhoven.

Focus on interactive systems, products and services

As a student, you go beyond designing traditional products: you learn to design products and systems that can calculate and communicate, that are interactive and sometimes adaptive. Such products and systems connect the physical and digital world. To be able to do this, you will improve your programming skills and learn the basics of electrical engineering.

Competency centered and self-directed educational model

Since the field is always in transition, you are assessed on the integration of competences (knowledge, skills and attitude) in a specific context, rather than on courses alone. The educational model is based on five areas of expertise. You take courses in every area. In the design projects you integrate the five areas, you learn about design and research processes and you work on your professional skills. 

You are responsible for your own development and partly determine your own program, supported by a coach. The first year already offers some free electives. You are very much stimulated to develop your own vision and identity as designer. Our learning approach stands out by its diversity and freedom of choice, but that also demands responsible attitude. 

Societal context: projects in squads

You will perform your design (research) projects in a so called ‘squad’, a group in which you work with fellow students, scientific staff, experts from the field, companies and organizations on a specific (societal) theme or application domain. This set-up integrates education and research and ensures a strong relation to the professional work field. No gap between theory and practice!

You will develop innovative and creative technological solutions for users, society and business. User tests are an important aspect of the program. In the end, you design to change, intensify or make lives more comfortable. You create the link between technology and the user. To find out what themes we are currently working on, check out this page with an overview of all squads. 

International and close-knit community

During this English bachelor program, you will be coached by international staff and you will work with students from all over the world. Because of a broad range of contacts with large companies such as Philips, Toyota and Adidas, and universities in Europe and beyond, Industrial Design is well-equipped to respond to international developments in a pro-active manner. Aside from international, Industrial Design’s community is close-knit - thanks to study association Lucid and the squads, in which you work alongside scientific staff and students from other generations.

TU/e Bachelor College

TU/e organizes its bachelor’s programs in the Bachelor College. This not only means all TU/e bachelors follow a similar structure, but also that you can easily take electives at other departments. All TU/e students take a few basic courses that provide them with the foundation that they need as engineer. Also, it makes it easier to switch majors in the first year, if you realize a different major suits you better. 

You can compose your program based on your interests and ambitions. You can specialize and take only Industrial Design electives, or you can broaden your horizon by also taking electives at other departments. Professional skills such as teamwork and communication become part of your character. Excellent students are challenged to participate in TU/e’s Honors Academy

The city of Eindhoven

Eindhoven lies in the technological heart of the Netherlands, also known as Brainport. Brainport is a substantial contributor to national industrial export and generates almost 40% of all patents registered in the Netherlands each year. The region is home to many companies of international stature, such as Philips, DAF Trucks and ASML. TU Eindhoven collaborates with these companies that offer students internship opportunities and job prospects.

Aside from that, Eindhoven is a veritable design city, with our department of Industrial Design, the Design Academy, the Dutch Design Week and a vibrant, creative industry that offers a great climate for innovative startups. An excellent bachelor’s project might already be part of the Dutch Design Week: as part of the TU exhibition Mind the Step or on one of the many other locations throughout the city.