Industrial Engineering

Course structure

You will take courses in mathematics, technical business administration and integration (combination of the technical and business administration courses). In addition, within your bachelor's program you will have a choice of subjects that you can use to immerse yourself in Industrial Engineering or, on the contrary, broaden your knowledge by taking subjects from another discipline. Right from the first year you will receive lectures, alternating with work lectures, group work and assignments. In addition to the theoretical basic subjects, you will work on projects with your fellow students right from the start. Sometimes you take a close look at the purchase of a company, sometimes you look at the process from a marketing or logistics point of view.


In addition to your major you can choose electives that will accentuate your study program. You can pick subjects from another field that will help broaden your knowledge or you can choose to go deeper in your own field.  

Current electives include:

  • Health 
  • Economy 
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Logistics 
  • Work and organization psychology 
  • Information systems 

By shaping your own study, you select the societal challenges you want to help solve. As a TU/e graduate you will have a powerful analytical capacity, you will be innovative, a problem-solver and able to work with people from all over the world.

Teaching approaches

Industrial Engineering offers you a wide range of subjects through various teaching approaches.  

  • Lectures: in which a lecturer explains the theory of a subject 
  • Tutorials: in which you work on assignments under the supervision of a lecturer or tutor; this is usually for the mathematics subjects 
  • Group projects: in which you work together with your fellow students in groups on typical management science assignments 
  • Design-Based Learning: in which you apply the theory in assignments 

Right from the first year, lectures alternate with tutorials, group work and assignments. This means that as well as studying the theoretical basic subjects, you  are immediately working together with your fellow students on projects. One day you might be examining purchasing, the nex you’ll be studying the process from the perspective of marketing or logistics. Your student mentor supervises you in the first year and ensures that you make a smooth start.


Experienced TU/e coaches are by your side to offer personal advice from the very start of your study, from the moment you enroll when you and your coach look at the major that best suits you and how you can best supplement this with your electives. In this way you create your own study program, one that fits your interests and ambitions. And if you should find out during your first year that a different major suits you better, then you can look at the options with your coach for switching major within this first year.

Like to know more about the course structure?

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