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BSc Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering constructions are all around us. You can find them, for instance, in mobile phones, production machinery, hospitals, solar panels, cars and even roller coasters. It is even present in places where you would not necessarily expect it. This bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering allows you to study a broad field that has an impact on the industry and daily life.

As a mechanical engineer, you create, design and realize new products and production processes. You also improve existing technologies. In doing so, you use the latest scientific insights and practical applications in the field of technology and automation.

Technical knowhow is just the beginning 

The Bachelor Mechanical Engineering combines a great deal of subjects from mathematics, physics and chemistry. You study disciplines such as:

  • Heat and flow
  • Mechanics
  • Dynamics
  • Control theory
  • Material properties

A mechanical engineer is not only expected to have technological knowledge but also great creativity and innovative capacity. Since you will play a pivotal role in a project team of experts from various subject areas, you will be educated to be project-oriented during your studies and work in various project teams.

Around 30% of the bachelor Mechanical Engineering contains so-called Challenge-Based Learning (CBL) projects. During these projects, you tackle real-life issues together with your project group and you are encouraged to apply your technical knowledge to solve these cases. In addition, you practice your professional skills such as presenting, deliberating and collaborating.

After graduating, you receive your diploma Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Want to know more? Check out the Degree Structure for more information.


The field of mechanical engineering is broad and contains various disciplines. Technological developments ensure a continuous drive of innovation and progress. This offers unlimited possibilities to optimize and have an impact on the surroundings we live in.

Successfully completing your bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering requires technical understanding and a good work ethic. You have successfully attained your pre-university certificate, including mathematics B and physics. You are also interested in technology: even when you were younger, you always preferred Lego over Playmobil. You have to pass a selection procedure before being admitted to this bachelor's program. For more information, please visit the Admission and Enrollment page.


If you have a degree in Mechanical Engineering, you are a multi-faceted mechanical engineer. You can start your career at a wide range of employers: from machine factories to research institutions and from start-ups to multinationals. Check out the possibilities at After graduation.

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The study association Simon Stevin represents the interests of the students at the department of Mechanical Engineering. The goal is to show students a different perspective on their field of study through, for instance, excursions, lectures, symposia and a field trip. At the same time, the study association is there to strengthen the informal bonds between members. They organize weekly drinks, sports events, parties and fun weekend trips.

For more information, please go to the website of the study association Simon Stevin.

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