Bachelor's degree program Mechanical Engineering

After graduation

After attaining your bachelor's degree, most students pursue a master's degree. Only after that, they look to start their professional career. The Bachelor Mechanical Engineering offers direct access to various master's programs at the faculty of Mechanical Engineering:

Moreover, the Bachelor Mechanical Engineering gives direct access to the master's programs Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion at the department of Applied Physics. For more information about access to other master's programs, either at TU/e or elsewhere in the Netherlands, please visit

The demand for young, highly-educated engineers is substantial. Job prospects have been good for many years. Most of our alumni quickly find a challenging and well-payed job. Since mechanical engineering is a broad field of expertise, you find alumni in a wide range of job positions. You could become a technical designer, production engineer, project manager or work at engineering firms and research institutions such as TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research). You could also pursue a PhD or start your own business. Mechanical engineers that have obtained the necessary experience are often assigned organizational, commercial or managerial positions.

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