Bachelor Mechanical Engineering

Degree structure

In addition to the subject-specific knowledge you gain during the Bachelor Mechanical Engineering at TU/e, there is ample opportunity to apply this knowledge and to develop professional skills. Think of attending and participating in meetings, presentations and collaborations. The program contains lectures that explain the theory. During the guided self-study, you practice the theory by doing exercises. You then apply this knowledge in the Challenge-Based Learning projects.

For example: due to a change in legislation, a certain commonly used fluid is no longer allowed as a lubricating oil. Manufacturers now have to find a substitute that is equally workable and affordable. During the development process, there will be an intense collaboration between multiple disciplines in which their plans and activities need to be aligned. You will learn this skill in Challenge-Based Learning.

You can shape your three-year program according to your wishes by choosing electives. You may want to broaden your knowledge by taking subjects or projects from other bachelor's programs at TU/e, or you can deepen your knowledge within the field of Mechanical Engineering by choosing subjects and projects from the Mechanical Engineering program. The third year marks the capstone of the bachelor's program and prepares you for potentially pursuing a fitting master's program.

First year

You take nine courses in your first year. Additionally, you take four Challenge-Based Learning assignments and several training sessions.

Second year

The second year consists of five courses, three Challenge-Based Learning (CBL) cases. Furthermore, in each quartile, there is a elective.

Third year

The third year marks the conclusion of the bachelor's degree and prepares you for your master's degree. It consists of a number of Mechanical Engineering courses, CBL projects and electives. The electives provide flexibility for both deepening and broadening of knowledge. The third year is concluded with the Bachelor's Final Project, otherwise called BEP (Bachelor Eindproject in Dutch).