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Unravelling the biological processes in the organs, tissues, cells and molecules of the human body is crucial to modern medicine. It is instrumental in knowing how to treat diseases and how to detect those diseases at an earlier stage and even how to prevent diseases from occurring.

Understanding the human body

Extensive knowledge of the research area of biomedical sciences will help you understand the processes in the human body. Because technology is essential in the medical world, you will also get a solid foundation in technical courses like mathematics and physics. Combined they give you the tools to develop new treatment methods. By knowing how to apply the techniques you can solve problems in a way an engineer can, by translating complex problems into a realistic setting.

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Major Medical Sciences and Technology

The Medical Sciences and Technology major is formally part of the bachelor’s program Biomedical Engineering. After finishing this major you will receive the diploma of the Biomedical Engineering bachelor’s program.

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The study association represent the interests of the students at the department of Biomedical Engineering. It tries to let the students view their field of study from a different angle. It achieves this by means of excursions, lectures and symposia and by organizing a study trip. On the other hand, the association also organises sports tournaments, parties, a weekly drink, weekends and other forms of leisure activities to stimulate the relation between the members themselves.



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