The TU/e aims for a good contact between teachers and deans, because together we are responsible for a smooth transition between secondary education and our university. We therefore attend a variety of deans’ circles and networks, we invest in jointly developing course materials, professionalization of teachers, and lastly we offer challenging activities for students.

We organize many activities for students during the different phases of the study choice process. These are always objective and realistic, because that corresponds with our vision ‘The right student at the right spot’.

Are you curious about our vision, the thoughts behind our ‘student journey’ activities, do you have a specific question, or would you just like to get in touch? We are more than happy to meet with a (virtual) coffee.

We organize the following activities for teachers and deans:

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Who are we?

We aim for the right student at the right spot. Challenge-based learning and blended learning, multidisciplinary projects, continuing learning curves, the right knowledge ánd skills. We would like to carry out this message not only externally, but also internally. We develop a variety of activities for students, teachers, and other professionals in secondary education, but also for our own colleagues. These activities are a collaboration of TU/e experts, our teacher education, Innovation Space, Career Center & Professional Skills, and of course our team consisting of enthusiastic student assistants.

We meet regularly with high schools, regional partners and national collaborations to exchange knowledge, but we also participate in regional and national projects and we develop activities and (course)materials.

Our team consists of:
Annemieke Vennix – Program Director “Samen Opleiden Ontwikkelen Professionaliseren” & “VO-HO Netwerk”
Marjoleine van Kollenburg – Program Manager Outreach
Marjan van Ganzenwinkel – Trainer & Recruitment Team Manager
Emily van Leemput – Educational Design & Development
Evelien Arts – Organization Outreach

Do you have any questions? Or would you like more information about a customized activity? Get in touch with us.