Dean's Days

For vwo deans interested in visiting Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), we offer special full-day Deans’ Days with a custom program.  

Each edition has a theme, such as healthcare, energy and sustainability, or mobility and logistics. Within the theme, we will highlight fascinating, multidisciplinary projects from a variety of departments and will explain how we teach these topics. 

Custom program

The program of a Deans’ Day is customizable, and we are always happy to take your wishes into account. Usually we offer two programs, each with the option to hold a meeting with your ‘decanenkring’, differing only in how much time we spend on career guidance skills or the theme of the day.  

The date of your Deans’ Day will be determined in consultation with you. This way, it will always fit in your schedule.  

Examples of themes


Part 1 

  • Industrial Design demonstrations 
    • Smart jacket – baby suit with sensors  
    • Rhythm of life – assisting cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)  
    • Power boy – wireless power supply 
  • Presentation of the Industrial Design approach to education 
  • Presentation of the Industrial Engineering program with a focus on healthcare  

Part 2 

  • Human-technology Interaction demonstrations 
  • Remote care by video  
  • Measuring emotional wellness with bed sensors 
  • Depth perception in vitreoretinal surgery 
  • Presentation of the Human-technology Interaction program 

Them Energy and sustainability 


  • Electrical Energy Systems Plasma & Materials Processing  

Part 2 

  • Energy from bio mass 
  • Energy and society 
  • Presentation from the Sustainable Energy Technology (SET) program 

Mobility and Logistics 
Part 1 

  • Mobility demonstrations 
    • Electric & hybrid vehicles 
    • Car safety 
  • Presentation of the Mechanical Engineering program 
  • Presentation of the Chemical Engineering and Chemistry program 

Part 2 

  • Logistics demonstrations 
    • Distribution logistics 
    • Maintenance of capital goods 
    • Patient logistics 
  • Presentation of the Industrial Engineering program 
  • Presentation of the Operations Management and Logistics program