Course materials

Our student-oriented learning materials are divided into 6 categories. These 6 categories are also part of the menu on the left. While they differ in exact setup and content, all activities are aimed at content-based material offered from the university to high schools. Please note that these activities are currently only being offered in Dutch.

An overview of the categories:

Workshops: Challenge Based Learning

The workshops are aimed at letting students get acquainted with education at the TU/e in a hands-on manner. They are guided by students, who also link their own experiences to the workshop. In the Challenge-Based-Learning workhops, multidisciplinary projects form a central notion – students work on a project in a TU/e-relevant context.

Workshops: Skills

In the Skills workshops, students get acquainted with skills that may not necessarily be TU/e specific, but that are familiar to all our students. These workshops often have a game element included to let students get familiar with a skill in an approachable, small-scale way, from which they also gain knowledge in the bigger picture.


Under development: masterclasses. Where the workshops focus on hands-on familiarity, the masterclasses look at a more explicit subject link. In these activities, we also provide examples of subjects that the masterclasses could be used for. The masterclasses are held by for example students who have been building up expertise related to the masterclass through their studies.

Project assignments

The project assignments we offer from the university can be used in classes, or groups within classes. Part of the assignments are set up in collaboration with student teams of the TU/e, where we strive to plan a number of coaching moments with a student of the team during the project.

Plug-and-play modules

Under development: plug-and-play digital course material, developed and offered from the 4TU. The material is aimed at being used within your education. We hope to take the first module up in our learning materials in this academic year.

Excellence Program

The Excellence Program offers students who are looking for an extra challenge the opportunity to work with course material used at the TU/e. They follow the material digitally, guided by tutors.


The activities are connected to 7 themes. These themes are derived from the studies from our Bachelor College and reflect the fields that are worked on within the Bachelor College. The 7 themes:

  • Human and Technology
  • Design and Creativity
  • Mobility and Society
  • Sustainability and Innovation
  • Data, Digital knowledge and AI
  • Health and Vitality
  • Hardware and Mathematics