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The basis of our student-aimed course materials consists of learning trajectories and workshops. The workshops are connected with the TU/e with an on-campus activity. Depending on the workshop is a part or the entirety of the workshops. There’s an emphasis on the multidisciplinary education character of the TU/e during the workshops. The activities are connected with a general introduction to education at TU/e. The supervision of student assistants has a prominent role during the workshops. Our students know our way of teaching from the inside and are a valuable addition for visualizing academic education.


The learning trajectories, modules and workshops are connected to 7 themes. These themes are derived from the studies from our Bachelor College and reflect the fields that are worked on within the Bachelor College. The 7 themes:

  • Human and Technology
  • Design and Creativity
  • Mobility and Society
  • Energy and Sustainability
  • Data and Digital knowledge
  • Health and Innovation
  • Hardware and Mathematics

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