Student-and study coaching

Guidance and coaching

Studying at a university requires good planning skills and self-discipline. It takes more time than you are used to in high school or college. Exams are more difficult, cover more material and consist of very different questions. Sitting down to study these complex materials may not always be easy. And collaborating with fellow students comes with its own challenges.  

In other words, studying may be more difficult than you anticipated. To help you succeed, Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) offers guidance, coaching and support on many levels. 

Making your own choices

Making your own career choices is an important skill; a skill you start building in university. That is why our bachelor’s degree programs have fewer fixed subjects than your high school or programs at other universities.  

But building a skill is a process. That is why we also believe in providing good supervision. 

Studying with a functional limitation

Functional limitations and chronic illnesses are conditions that are chronic or permanent and that impede the progress of your study or your functioning during exams. They include all physical, sensory or mental disabilities and conditions such as dyslexia, RSI, autism spectrum disorders, AD(H)D, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression and other chronic illnesses.  

Getting started with accommodations 

We understand how much time and energy it can take to live your life with a functional disability. At TU/e, we want you to have – as much as possible – an equal opportunity at success. 

Possible accommodations: 

  • Exam time extension 
  • Delay of the binding study advice 
  • Help with planning or organizing 
  • And more 

Arranging the right accommodations takes some time, so please contact us early.   

  • Let us know on your application form in Studielink that you have a functional limitation. If you have dyslexia or another limitation that only requires exam time extension (10 minutes per hour), you can upload a valid report from a specialist with the digital application form. 
  • Register as a student with a functional disability at ESA; you will find a brochure about this in your enrollment package.  

ESA will send you an email with the accommodations that have been requested for you before classes start. They will also notify the examination committee and study advisor of your program of your disabilities and the accommodations you will receive. A functional limitation is never a reason to be turned down for a program! 

More information 

For more information, contact Student Affairs. Or take a look at the information at Handicap +Studie expertise center.  

Studying and elite sports

At TU/e, we value high-level sports performance as much as we do high-level academic performance. Eindhoven has more than 35 student sports associations.  

We support students who practice a sport at an elite level, even if that means their studies take lower priority. Under certain conditions, you may be able to receive financial support from the graduation fund, for a maximum extension of 12 months.