What to expect?

Registration day international Bachelor students

Registration day Bachelor students

There are a number of administrative matters that International students need to organize in the first days in the Netherlands. The international office of the TU/e is happy to help you with all this red tape so that you can get this out of the way before starting your studies.

Welcome presentation & personal schedule

The day will start with a short welcome from the International Office and instructions on how to use your personal schedule to navigate the various official appointments for your TU/e enrollment, Dutch bank account, registration at city hall, TB test at GGD (if applicable) and receiving your residence permit (if applicable).

The Introduction Committee will also give you a rundown of the full Introduction Week program and (if applicable to you) there will be a presentation by AON (the student insurance company).

TU/e enrollment

After the welcome presentation you will move on to your appointment to enroll at TU/e. The staff of the International Office will help you with checking your documents. In the days after the registration day, they will work hard to finalize your TU/e enrollment. You will receive an email as soon as your enrollment has been finalized.

Bank account

If you asked the TU/e to arrange a Dutch bank account for you, employees from the Rabobank will be present to help you to transfer the account to your name and to provide you with a bank card and pin code. You will be asked to fill out a form and to provide them with your signature. You will be able to make payments from this bank account the next day at noon.

Other services

The other appointments (registration at city hall, TB test at GGD (if applicable) and receiving your residence permit at IND (if applicable)) will take place during or after the Introduction week. All the information and appointments will be placed in your personalized schedule.


In between all the appointments there will be plenty of time for you to grab some lunch or snack. The TU/e campus has several places to eat. Just be aware that TU/e is a cashless campus, so you will need a bank pass to pay.

End of registration day

The registration will be finished by 16.00 hours at the latest (depending in your personal schedule). You are expected to be available until the end of your schedule on that day.


Please contact us if you still have questions.