What to expect?

Welcome & Enrollment @TU/e for international Bachelor students

Welcome & Enrollment @TU/e for international Bachelor students

There are a number of administrative matters that International students need to organize in the first days in the Netherlands. The international office of the TU/e is happy to help you with all this red tape so that you can get this out of the way before starting your studies.

Welcome presentation & personal schedule

During the first day of the Bachelor Introduction Week you will meet the International Office through an online welcome presentation. This will take place online on Monday, August 23. In this presentation, you will be informed on how to use your personal schedule to navigate the various official appointments for your tuberculosis test at the public health service (GGD) (if applicable) and receiving your residence permit (if applicable).

TU/e enrollment

Usually, we would verify your official diploma and transcript during this day in order to finalize your TU/e enrollment. Because of COVID-19 you will be asked to send verified copies of your official diploma and transcript to us. You will be notified about this through email.

Other services

The other appointments such as tuberculosis test at the public health service (GGD) (if applicable), receiving your residence permit from the IND (Dutch immigration service) (if applicable) and the AON insurance presentation will take place during or after the Bachelor Introduction Week and will occur in compliance with the COVID-19 measures in force. All the information and appointments will be placed in your personalized schedule that you will find in the Intro App which is available shortly before the start of the Bachelor Introduction week.

Welcome Day Internationals

On Friday 19 August and Monday 29 August there will be a Welcome Day for International students. More information about this day will be available soon.


Please contact us if you still have questions.