Practical information

Sleeping place during the Introduction Week

Please try to arrange your own overnight accommodations. If you have not arranged lodging on Monday, there are a few options left:

  • Check for available sleeping places on .
  • Contact ESC, SSRE, DEMOS of THÊTA ( for example on the Limbopad on Campus on Monday morning or via their websites).
  • Try to arrange for a sleeping place with your groupmembers or intro parents on Monday.

Sleeping place at TU/e Sports Center

If  none of this works you can sleep at the sports center (SSC). Sleeping in the sports center costs €40, and has to be paid at the front desk of the sports center. If you want to sleep at the sports center you can only register on Monday August 19 from 17:00 – 19:00. Furthermore, the sleeping place in the sports center is only open between 23:00 and 08:00. Every morning you have to pack your bags and store them in a dressing room. These dressing rooms are closed during the day and cannot be reached.

Packing list

What you should bring for sure is the following:

  • Clothes that are allowed to become dirty
  • Sportswear
  • Bike
  • Cash
  • Sleeping bag and mat
  • Swimwear


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