Services voor Exchange students

Services for exchange students 

Going to a university in a new country is an exciting and possibly a slightly daunting prospect, particularly if it is your first time living abroad.  Education and Student affairs provides a range of services to ensure that you get here in time to start your exchange period at TU/e, with all the necessary paperwork completed. 

Some practicalities of moving to Eindhoven and how TU/e will help you with these matters: 

After arrival

Most arrangements are already made before you arrive in Eindhoven, but there are some steps that you need to take care of on arrival in order to make your stay more comfortable.  

Non-EU students 
Students with the non-EU nationality -who need a visa and/or residence permit- will be contacted to make an appointment to arrange administrative matters. We will take care of registration at city hall.  


For more information on housing for exchange students check our housing page.

Announce yourself at your Department

After your arrival you should go to the Exchange coordinator of your Department. He or she will provide you with a short introduction to the Department and inform you of the practical arrangements that need to be made. If you are going to take part in a research project or an internship, please also inform your supervisor of your arrival.  

Collect your student card at service desk of Education and Student Affairs

You will receive information regarding your TU/e e-mail address and login information for OSIRIS in your personal e-mail before arrival. After receipt, you can upload a photo for your student card. This must be done before your student card can be made.  

If you have registered a Dutch address in OSIRIS the student card will be mailed to this address. If you have registered a non-Dutch address in OSIRIS you will receive an email from Education and Student Affairs once your student card is ready.  

On the first floor of MetaForum of the TU/e campus (MF 1.214), you will find Education and Student Affairs (ESA). We offer many services to international students. Just go to the service desk for help. Usually you will get an immediate answer to your question or an appointment may be made with a student advisor or international relations officer. ESA is open on weekdays between 8.30 and 17.00 hours. 

Arrange a residence permit

Check the following website to see if you require a residence permit. If you do require a residence permit, we will apply for you before your arrival. The International Office will inform you about the procedure. 

Registering at city hall

All international students who are staying in Eindhoven for more than four months must register at city hall. Take the following documents with you to your appointment: 

  • passport 
  • housing  contract 
  • birth certificate (sometimes legalized and/or verified*) 
  • proof of enrolment at TU/e 
  • documents of your marriage or birth of child