Master Kick-off 2022


Program Master Kick-off 2022

Welcome to the Master Kick-off (MKO)! Every year the MKO attracts around 1000 upcoming master students (from internationals to pre-master and current students to give their masters study a kickstart in the right direction. This kickstart happens through lots of fun and educational activities. The MKO consists out of 3 days, besides the Welcome Day for international students, which happen on the Monday 29 August before the MKO officially starts.

On Tuesday 30 August, the MKO starts by meeting your fellow students. After the lunch, everyone will follow a program which your department has created for your study. Besides that, there are also workhops. In the evening, dinner will be provided and after the dinner there might be an evening program, but this depends on the corona regulations that will be in the news on the 13th of August.

Wednesday 31 August is sign of a lot of different companies. All studies have been assigned to companies that would be in line with their master studies. These companies vary from High Tech Campus, Brainport Industries ans ASML.. At these companies a full day program is ahead of you. The companies will tell you a story and will also show you some demos and tours around the buildings to achieve a better understanding of the company. After all of you arrived back at the campus, an intercultural dinner will be served and after this a pub quiz.

On Thursday 1 September the challenge will take place! Before this day starts, everyone will choose a case in which they will work on throughout the day with an interdisciplinary team. These cases are hosted by different companies that will come and visit the campus. After the award ceremony of the challenge, all students will get the opportunity to try out a few workshops, which are mostly hosted by the different student associations, from sports, to culture, to student life, you name it, we have it! After the City tour, dinner will be served and there are also closing party in the City.

For a more detailed description of the program, you can take a look in the intro app, which you can download at the Play store or the Apple store. 


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