Master Kick-Off


How do I register?

For whom
The Master Kick-off is organised for all students who will start a Master's degree program at Eindhoven University of Technology next college year.

After subscription at the TU/e you will receive an email with information, including a  registration form which you can use to register for the Master Kick-Off.

The participation fees for 2019 are not yet determined. The costs however in 2018 were € 65, so that's about the amount you should count on. All meals of the Master Kick-Off are included.

Allergy of special diet
Please inform us via the contact form should you be allergic to certain foods.  State your name, progrram and the specific allergy, so we can contact the caterar of the Master Kick-Off.

Last minute registration?
Should you decide to start a study at TU/e last minute and because of this you were unable to register in time, you can still register for the Master Kick-Off during the 'after registrations'. On Monday morning 19 Augustus you can still register at the Education and Students Affairs in het building Metaforum. These late registrations can only be paid by PIN (Maestro). We will nog accept payments in cash.


Do you have any questions about the Master Kick-off? Just fill in the contact form below!