Built a relationship with our talented students

For high-tech companies, finding high-quality, engaged employees is a constant process. Often, a good relationship with prospective employees starts with an internship or graduation project.

The start of their graduate studies tends to be the moment that young engineering talents start taking a more serious look at their ambitions and career wishes. The most driven and entrepreneurial students of 2019 will meet each other for the first time at the Master Kick-off. Together, they will dive into a challenge inspired by real-world companies. That is why the Master Kick-off is the ideal event to start building familiarity with your company.

What When Where

Introductiondays for incoming (international) master's degree students

Registration Day (only for international master students)

27-29 August 2019

19 August 2019

Eindhoven University of Technology

Eindhoven University of Technology


Contribute to the program

The best way to give students a good impression of your company is to invite them to come up with solutions to your current challenges. You can do this by contributing to the program.

For instance by:

  • Providing jury members
  • Giving lectures
  • Donating prizes and joining the networking event

Options for promoting your company

We offer you opportunities to gain visibility for your name or logo.

For instance:

  • Posts on the Master Kick-off Facebook page with your text, image and link
  • Your banner or flag posted throughout the TU/e campus
  • Your logo on lunch and dinner vouchers
  • Your logo on coffee cups during the challenge
  • You can also apply to be main partner, price to be discussed