Amandus H. Lundqvist Scholarship Program

What does the ALSP scholarship entail?

Named in honor of the former TU/e President, the Amandus H. Lundqvist Scholarship Program (ALSP) awards scholarships to excellent students who have been admitted to a TU/e Master’s program. The scholarship consists of a tuition fee waiver (worth €16,000) and a contribution to living expenses of €5,000 for each year of the two years of the Master's program (a total of €10,000 for the 2 year Master's program). The first year of the contribution to living expenses will be funded by the Holland Scholarship.

Who can apply

The scholarships are awarded to students who in comparison with other applicants, have achieved the highest grades from their previous education at world-renowned universities outside the Netherlands. 

How to apply

You automatically enter the selection procedure for ALSP if you submit a complete application for a TU/e Master’s program before the scholarship deadline of February 1 AND are subsequently admitted to a TU/e Master's program. 

You must also meet the Terms and Conditions of the ALSP scholarship. 

An application is complete when: 

  • You have submitted the online application including all required uploads. 
  • You receive an email from the International Office confirming that your application has been received and is considered complete. 

Don't wait too long to apply. We recommend that you submit your application before January 1 so that we can contact you if there are any issues with your application. You may then still have time to remedy this before the February 1 deadline.


  • Submit a complete application to the TU/e Master's program of your choice.   
  • Only complete applications, including all application documents, that we receive before February 1 will be eligible to enter the selection procedure for the ALSP and Holland Scholarships (HS). 
  • One of the application documents you need to upload is a motivation letter. We ask you to tell us more about your career plans, as we take them into consideration for the ALSP selection procedure (see online application form for details).  
  • If you are admitted to a TU/e Master's program AND you have a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 80% or higher from an internationally renowned university, you will enter the selection procedure for the ALSP and HS scholarships.  
  • You cannot apply directly to the ALSP or HS scholarships. You must first apply for a TU/e Master's program (see below). 

The selection process

  • Your application to a TU/e Master's program is also your application for an ALSP and HS scholarship, unless you specify in your online application that you do not wish to be considered for a scholarship.   
  • Each TU/e Department nominates students who have performed the most interesting extracurricular activities to the TU/e scholarship selection committee.  
  • The applications with the highest grades from the most reputable universities and interesting career plans, are selected by the TU/e scholarship selection committee to complete an online questionnaire focusing on personality and social skills.  
  • Scholarships are awarded based on the quality of the previous education and the student's academic performance therein. 
  • A one-time scholarship offer will then be made to successful candidates. The offer is non-negotiable.

Terms and conditions

Eligible students 

  • Have submitted a complete application for admission to a TU/e Master's program before  February 1 for the following academic year;  
  • Are highly talented, excellent students who have achieved a cumulative GPA above 80% of the scale maximum in their Bachelor's degree from an internationally acclaimed university;  
  • Are not eligible for support under the Dutch system of study grants and loans ("Studiefinanciering"). Information on eligibility for this support can be found on the website of DUO. Please note that students who need to apply for a visa and residence permit for study are not eligible for support under the Dutch system of study grants and loans;  
  • Comply with the Dutch visa criteria (where applicable);  
  • Have not been granted a full-cost scholarship by any other scholarship organization. 

Eligible Master's programs 

  • Students who are admitted to ANY of the TU/e Master's programs automatically take part in the selection procedure for a ALSP scholarship.  
  • Eligible nationalities:  all nationalities except the Dutch nationality. 

Please note 

  • Successful candidates will be informed between February 1 and the end of May. All candidates will have been informed of the outcome by the end of May.  
  • ALSP scholarships are awarded for a specific Master's program starting in a specific academic year and cannot be transferred to other Master's programs or another starting date. Students may participate one time in the selection procedure. 
  • The scholarship conditions apply to the two years of the Master's program.  
  • Continuation of the scholarship during the two years of the Master's program depends on the academic achievements of the student. The student’s academic results will be assessed after the interim period of the first year of the master’s program. 
  • ALSP scholarships are not available to Master's students who are already enrolled at TU/e.


Information about the ALSP scholarship for TU/e bachelor students who have applied for a Master’s program at TU/e can be found in the education guide.