EngD Smart Energy Buildings & Cities

Finn Vossen

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"Right now, many people think solar panels are only ugly, grey rectangles. But thin-film photovoltaic (PV) technology can be so much more: flexible, transparent, and in any colour and size you might want. In the PV OpMaat project, we’re working to get this technology to the market. It’s not easy: people want well-known, efficient and proven technology, and are hesitant to try something new. I’m connecting the world of construction and the world of PV to build demonstrators so people can see the technology in real life.

I chose to do a EngD because I didn’t feel quite finished at university, but also didn’t want to do just research. I enjoyed learning about the business aspects behind cool ideas. In my future career, I’m looking for something with the same atmosphere as SEBC – sustainability, enthusiasm, innovation and changing the world."