Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak: becoming invisible

Feel like wearing an invisibility cloak every once in a while? Is that even possible? And what does such a cloak actually do with the light? We discuss ways to deform a visible optical field, and to create a hollow space in it. Which you can then sit in: the cloak. An optical field can be deformed using lenses and prisms that can be found at school, but also using bizarre modern materials (meta-materials) that do strange things to light. These are the materials you need to make your cloak. Physicians have already reached a stage in which they can make two-dimensional objects become invisible, but whether your cloak will be ready in time… 

  • Lecturer

    dr.ir. W. van de Water


  • Target group

    One lesson hour in pre-university education classes 5 VWO, 6 VWO and senior general secondary education class HAVO 5 

  • Teaching format

    Interactive lesson, experiments