Lighting technology

For a long time lighting technology suffered from a boring reputation, not altogether undeservedly. A gradual improvement of products came about, however, due to the complexity of some products and the conservatism in the market, it often took 10 to 20 years before new-generation products took up the market on a large-scale. As a consequence of the need for more energy efficiency, the introduction of LED-based products and the use of information and communication technology the pace greatly increased. Cities have large-scale programmes set up to replace old street lighting installations, and there is a growing awareness that light has more effect than just chasing away the night.  

This lesson will be devoted to a number of old and new lamp technologies that are frequently used, to the physical principles that form the basis thereof and the practical requirements of a modern-day lighting system. 

Through some demonstrations and experiments, we will try to give you an impression of the latest developments in this illuminated working area.